How to choose a quality hot tub cover

How to choose a quality hot tub cover

“Murfle Mre!

What was THAT sound? Your wife nudges you to go investigate. It sounded like it might be coming from the backyard. You walk toward the back door.

“Mrmrph Me!!”

It sounds louder here, and a bit clearer. Is it a voice? You walk out outside to look around.

“Cover Me!”

That was definitely a voice. But … there’s no one there. Maybe it was coming from the neighbor’s yard. You turn to walk back into the house, when suddenly you’re splashed with water. You spin back around and your hot tub very clearly says: “Cover Me!”

Well, OK, you think. It doesn’t get much clearer than that. Time to go cover shopping at Texas Hot Tub Company.

A quality cover is just as important to your hot tub as the chemicals you use to keep the water sparkling clean. Not only does it help keep your water free from dirt and debris, it helps your spa run efficiently. But to get the most from your cover – and to avoid annoyed, splashing hot tubs – you need to choose the right one.


You need a cover that’s made from high-quality vinyl that’s resistant to UV damage, and specially coated to keep mold, mildew and fungus from easily taking hold.


If you have a thin cover, you might as well not have a cover at all. A quality cover will be at least 3 inches thick. You can buy a thicker cover, but these are typically designed to better insulate a hot tub in cold climates and to support a heavy load of snow in the winter. Not something that will hurt here in Texas, but not something we have to worry a lot about, either.


A locking cover is not only a good safety feature, it can help keep your cover in place on windy days. Look for one that locks on each of the four corners.


Reinforcement rods keep your cover sturdy and aligned. A cover with no reinforcements will just slide right off your spa. Both galvanized steel and aluminum reinforcements are available.

Cover Cap

A quality cover is an investment. A cover cap protects it from the elements so it will last for years.

Don’t make your hot tub ask twice. Stop by to find the perfect hot tub cover today.

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