How Strong Spas are Made in the USA

How Strong Spas are Made in the USA

Purchasing a hot tub is a big deal, and that’s why here at Texas Hot Tub Company, we make it convenient for you to be knowledgeable and confident in the tub you purchase. Made in the USA, Strong Spas® have been one of the largest leaders in spa manufacturing since 1994. Let’s look inside the plant operation in Northumberland, Pennsylvania, to see why Strong Spas are known for their lifetime durability. 

Peeling Back the Layers of a Strong Spas Shell

The shell of your Strong Spa is the interior portion of the tub where you sit in to relax. Just like a turtle is protected by a durable shell, the shell of a Strong Spa is made durable to provide long-lasting luxury for you and your family. This acrylic hot tub is built with a three-layer manufacturing process that creates the most robust shell in the industry. 

  • The first layer is formed with Lucite™ Xtra acrylic sheet, an air-tight material that won’t confine bacteria.
  • The second layer laminates the first layer with a vinyl ester bonding layer that acts as a vapor barrier to prevent moisture.
  • The third layer is a StrongBond® polyurethane component with higher-ranking strength than traditional fiberglass. 

Rotational Molding a Strong Spa

Rotational molding is a molding process that is used to create the Durasport® series of Strong Spas. This process uses a heated hollow mold filled with a powdered polyethylene polymer. The mold is then mounted on a single-arm machine. The machine rotates the mold while heating it externally, and the polymer softens and evenly coats the inside of the mold. Once the two-part mold has cooled off, it is opened, exposing a single-piece spa. The Strong Spas operation plant is home to the industry’s two largest and most high-tech Rotomold machines. 

Durable Features of Strong Spas 

The Latin meaning of the prefix Dura- is hard, lasting, thick, and tough. That’s what comes to mind when speaking about the Durasport hot tubs features. The Dura-Last® cabinet system is UV- resistant and double-insulated, and it will not deteriorate, rust, or peel. The Dura-Shield® hardcover is insulated to keep the heat locked in and prevent debris from falling during unpleasant weather. The built-in cover lifter makes getting in your hot tub convenient and hassle-free. 

Made in the USA With a Lifetime Warranty 

Strong Spas are made so constructionally strong that they are backed with a lifetime warranty. They will not rot, rust, or tear as they are not made with wood, metal, or vinyl. Each hot tub at Strong Spas is custom-built and undergoes an extensive quality check before being shipped out to over 40 different countries. The Strong Spas production facility is one of the largest manufacturers in the world and one of the few with plant operations in the USA. 

Texas Hot Tub Company prioritizes our customers and ensures we sell the highest quality, durable, and long-lasting products. Made here in the USA, we are confident that Strong Spas will hold up to that expectation. Reach out or stop by any of our five locations. We would be ecstatic to be able to assist you with any questions and provide additional information. 


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