How Much Does a Hot Tub Affect Your Electric Bill?


The unbelievable benefits of hot tub ownership are renowned worldwide. From warm water hydrotherapy, aquatic exercise, pain relief, and more, hot tubs are the prime location for backyard health and wellness. But how much does a hot tub affect your electric bill? You may be surprised to find out that operating a hot tub can be much more cost-effective than you ever imagined.

Items that Affect Electric Energy Efficiency

When looking for the perfect hot tub, there are several issues that will affect long-term operating costs. An energy-efficient spa is a must if you are looking to keep costs down. Here are three major things to look for.

Insulated Base

A quality spa will have an insulated base pan or under-shell insulation. This will ensure that heat does not escape through poorly insulated ground contact. The extra care that goes into constructing a quality spa eliminates heat waste and reduces electric expenses.

Exterior Insulation

Next, the exterior insulation needs to be considered. Thoroughly research the type of insulation around the perimeter of your shell. The best spas will use freezer-grade, full foam insulation to retain the heat. Inflatable hot tubs and many you find at the Big Box Store offer no insulation at all. The temperature in those spas drops quickly, making the pump and heater work continually. This can lead to higher operating costs and parts that wear out quickly and need replacing.

Quality, Fitted, Locking Cover

Finally, a specially designed, fitted cover will completely seal around the lip of your hot tub. This will allow heat and steam to circulate back into the tub – warming the water resourcefully.

The components of a quality hot tub all work together to give you the energy-efficient ownership you desire. Lower cost hot tubs may seem like a steal upfront. However, the increase in cost from continual heat loss will be an ongoing expense.


To experience the world leader in energy-efficient hot tubs, look no further than a Hot Spring® hot tub from Coleman Backyards. Manufactured by Watkins Wellness®, the company is the global hot tub leader – having sold more than one million hot tubs in 50 states and 70 countries. Fitting of a hot tub named Hot Spring, your overall operating costs will be minimal – with monthly electric costs increasing by only $10 to $15. Patented pumps and insulation give you the optimum low-cost ownership experience by keeping the heat in your spa.

Estimate your energy costs for your climate HERE.

With a Hot Spring Spa from Coleman Backyards, you’ll save big on electric costs. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind with your decision and enjoy all of the luxurious amenities that a quality spa from Hot Spring has to offer. To experience the difference for yourself, come in to one of our convenient locations in Plano, Grapevine or Fort Worth. We have your energy-efficient spa ready and waiting for you!


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