How Hot Should You Keep Your Hot Tub?

Rub a dub, dub, don’t you love soaking in a tub? Whether you purchased a Certified Pre-owned Spa,Freeflow Spa, or Hot Spring Spa, go ahead and indulge in the warm deliciousness of hot tubbing.  However, before you do, let’s talk -how hot you should keep your hot tub.

Safety first

With the new safety features on more modern hot tubs, you have a maximum temperature of 104°F.  Please note: Most older units may not offer the safety feature, therefore you should always check the temperature before entering the water.

Since children do not have the same heat tolerance as adults, children ages 5 and under should not enter water above 95°F. Plus, they should not soak for more than 5 -10 minutes at a time.

If you have health concerns, check with your doctor before entering a hot tub. Plus, be aware of the dangers of over-soaking.

Perfect Temperature

Like with just about everything else – everyone has a personal preference and there is no magic number for the perfect hot tub temperature. Some individuals will prefer a quick dip in the maximum temperature possible, although the majority would rather soak in water that’s in the 100°F – 102°F range.

How Long Should I Soak?

For starting your morning off energized and ready to go, grab a cup of coffee and take a 10-15-minute dip at 102°F. Believe it or not, the same temperature in the evening for about 20-25 minutes will help you sleep better.

Health Benefits

Hot tubs offer many health benefits including soothing muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness, inflammation and spinal pain. Many people experience boosts to their mental and physical well-being, too, with a quick daily dip for about 10 minutes.

A few more unique benefits:

  • helps lowers blood sugar
  • gives you more restful sleep
  • gives you cleaner, hydrated, and healthier skin
  • improves your circulation
  • offers cold & flu relief
  • helps reduce headaches

The Healing Power of Hydrotherapy

Regardless of your age or physical activity hydrotherapy can positively enhance your life.

It’s been well known for centuries of the healing benefits of water and heat therapies. Although the Romans came up with this genius idea, the modern-day hot tub has perfected it. With that in mind, Coleman Backyard has carefully divided their hot tubs into three distinct collection designs to fit everyone’s needs.

When shopping for a spa for hydrotherapy, you’ll want directional massage jets. If looking for the ultimate jet system, the Hot Springs Tempo 6-person Hot Tub offers 45 massage jets that relieve-tension in the targeted areas, particularly the back, shoulders, neck, and calves. Plus, Hot Spring Spas is the leading design for manufacturing of energy-efficient hot tubs.

With Coleman Backyard, you too can indulge in the warm deliciousness of hot tubbing. What are you waiting for? Give us a call at 1-800-880-4820 today!


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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