How a sauna can help the athlete in your life

It has been known for centuries that there are numerous health benefits to regular sauna use. Recently we have learned that there are even more benefits for athletes than we ever thought. Here are a few of the many benefits that athletes will experience from regular sauna use.

Faster recovery

Saunas are fantastic for helping athletes recover after a workout session. You might think that entering a sauna directly after a workout would be counterproductive, as most people tend to think of cooling down after a workout. Entering the sauna for 15-20 minutes instead is actually, more beneficial. You will experience great relaxation, a release of toxins and better blood flow to your muscles. Those who sauna after workouts report a much faster recovery time, with some reporting that they felt ready and able to workout again in as little as two hours. Consider what it would do for your daily productivity if you were able to fully recover from an intense workout that quickly.

Boost in endurance

Research has shown that spending time in a sauna conditions your body to function at higher temperatures. This increased functionality gives your body improved ability during athletic performance because it is able to function more efficiently than those who do not use a sauna regularly. Athletes have reported that with regular sauna use they are able to train nearly twice as long as they could when they were not regularly making use of saunas. This gives them a great return on their time investment, 15-20 min. of relaxing in a sauna to get several more hours of training, sounds like a great trade off.

Increased HGH levels

Athletes are very aware that high HGH (human growth hormone) levels lead to better muscle performance. Some have even gone so far as to illegally take HGH injections to boost their HGH levels. These extreme measures are unsafe and unnecessary. Regular sauna use is a great way to optimize your HGH levels in a safe and natural way.

Spending just 15-20 minutes in the sauna after your workout will definitely give you an edge in athletic performance. You will find that you look forward to your daily saunas and the time invested will be well worth it. We encourage you to come by our showroom and check out the sauna that would be perfect to incorporate into your workout routine.


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