How a Hot Tub Can Improve Your Health

Did you know that hot tubs provide health benefits? Whether you are healthy or have a chronic health condition, you can benefit from a hot tub. The combination of heat, water, and jets work together to provide an oasis of healing and support. Here’s exactly how a hot tub can improve your health.

Soak for Less Stress and More Sleep

One of the best benefits of a hot tub is that it can reduce your stress and help you sleep better. The relaxing effects of a hot tub help you calm down after a long, stressful day. The heat helps produce endorphins (your happy hormones) which relax you, reducing stress and preparing you for sleep. Even better, less stress and a better night’s sleep can help improve all aspects of your health. This makes spending time in your hot tub the perfect addition to your nightly routine.

Pause Your Pain

Are you recovering from an injury or do you have a chronic pain condition? Or maybe you just have normal aches and pains? A hot tub can help relieve your pain. The heat of the water increases your blood circulation, which in turn relieves pain. In addition, water has natural buoyancy and the hot tub’s jets increase that buoyancy. This takes pressure off of your joints, which wonderfully relieves pain. This makes hot tubs a great place for low-impact exercise as well.

Help Your Heart

So we mentioned before that the heat from a hot tub increases blood circulation, relieving pain. Well, this can also help your heart! Soaking in a hot tub can reduce your blood pressure and help your heart pump better, which can lead to improved cardiovascular health.

Weight Loss in the Water

Do you have a hard time losing weight or exercising? A hot tub may help spark your metabolism. A study in 2017 showed that spending an hour in a hot tub burns as many calories as a 30 minute walk. Soaking in a hot tub should not take the place of exercise, but it can definitely help you on your weight-loss journey.

Hot tubs are also a great place before, during, and after exercise. Warm up your muscles in the hot tub before you work out, and maybe even stretch in the hot tub. Then you can do low-impact exercises in your hot tub, or your favorite exercise routine. Finally, wrap it all up by soaking your sore muscles in the hot water again. You just won’t see these weight-loss benefits without a hot tub.

Let Us Help You with Your Health Goals

Now that you know how a hot tub can improve your health, are you ready to get started with one? Try a Jacuzzi® from Texas Hot Tub Company! The Jacuzzi brand is well known because of the quality of their hot tubs. Their PowerPro® jets are adjustable to your health needs, and their tension-reducing seats provide maximum relief and relaxation. Get started today by giving us a call at 817-952-5984 or visiting one of our award-winning showrooms.


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