Hot Tubs: Relaxing Your Way to a Better Health

woman relax in a hot tub

The earliest spa enthusiasts were able to appreciate the health benefits of using hot water to relax the body and generally promote health and wellness. In the modern day, there are a multitude of ways hot tubs can help you relax to better health. Hot tubs offer remedies for certain health conditions, athletic injuries, or simply promote relaxation and stress relief. Hot tubs also provide a way to unwind and spend quality time with your loved ones.

A Brief History of Hot Water Therapy

For centuries, hot water therapy has been utilized as a remedy for various medical conditions and injuries, as well as for promoting relaxation and relieving stress. The earliest hot tub users were the Romans, Japanese, and Chinese who appreciated the health benefits hot water had to offer. This is how public bathhouses became so popular in ancient cultures.

Looking back to the history of hot tubs and hot water hydrotherapy, it has been a luxury item for the elite class. The last few decades saw tremendous development in spa technology, materials, and manufacturing, making it reliable and affordable enough for most people. Since then, it has become popular not only for relaxation but also for pain relief for certain health conditions.

Today hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to their numerous therapeutic qualities that can help improve physical health while providing an enjoyable way to relax after a long day. Hot tubs have evolved over time with modern hot tubs offering more options in terms of temperature control, jets for massaging sore muscles, music systems for creating a tranquil atmosphere, and even aromatherapy capabilities. So instead of going to a public bathhouse, you can now get the same hot water hydrotherapy in your backyard.

How Hot Tubs Help You Relax to Better Health

Soaking in a hot tub can be a great way to relax and destress. The hot water, combined with the massage jets, can help to reduce muscle tension and soothe aching muscles. It also increases blood circulation throughout your body and improves your body’s range of motion and flexibility.

Imagine yourself in a warm, soothing tub of bubbling water, relaxing after a long day. What better way to spend the evening than soaking in the hot tub and in the comfort of your own home? The body’s first reaction to being immersed in hot water is to try to get back to its normal temperature by pumping the heart faster causing a temporary increase in blood pressure. The longer one soaks in the spa, the more times the blood cycles through the body.

The warm blood causes the blood vessels to dilate, thus, lessening the resistance to blood flow and dropping the blood pressure. The muscle-relaxation effects of hot water also help dull muscle pain and help rid itself of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes.

Hot Tub Jets

The water jets found in hot tubs can also promote health and wellness benefits by providing more oxygen to its targeted area. This happens when the heat and pressure from the jets raise the level of antibodies and white blood cells delivered to the area, promoting the destruction of bad cells and stimulating the formation of new tissue. 

The hot water combined with massage jets can help reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and increase range of motion. 

Health Conditions that Benefit from Hot Tub Soaks

People with conditions that weaken body motion, like arthritis or multiple sclerosis, often will find benefits from bathing in a hot tub. A hot tub soak is also beneficial to those with injuries, in particular sports injuries. The warm water helps relieve aches and pains while loosening joints and also provides a safe space for low-impact movement and exercise.

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Updated on 3/6/23


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