6 Hot Tub Safety Rules for Your Next Party

6 Hot Tub Safety Rules for Your Next Party6 Hot Tub Safety Rules for Your Next Party

Let’s get this party started… a hot tub party, that is! Invite your friends, set a theme, and get ready for a fun-filled, unique, and memorable party in the spa. Preparing for a hot tub party includes reviewing hot tub safety too. Make the night enjoyable and keep your guests safe by following Texas Hot Tub Company’s six hot tub safety rules for your next party.

Rule 1: The Hot Tub Must Be Well Maintained

The first step to hosting a hot tub party is making sure your hot tub maintenance is in order. Balanced water chemistry, clean filters, and clear water is not only a good way to protect your investment, it’s also important to keeping your guests safe. 

Make your hot tub care simple by signing up for Texas Hot Tub Company’s chemical auto-ship delivery. Our team will deliver the spa chemicals you need every four to six months, so you are well stocked and ready for weekly spa maintenance. Contact us today to sign up for this service.

Make hot tub maintenance even easier with a Strong® Spa. These exceptional hot tubs are designed with superior components that make maintenance a breeze. The triple layer acrylic hot tub shell is bacteria and stain resistant, making it ideal for a single user or a hot tub party! We also offer incredible options from Hot Spring® Spas, Freeflow® Spas and Tropic Seas® Spas for the ultimate selection in quality hot tub offerings.

Rule 2: Everyone Must Limit Hot Tub Use

If your guests are not experienced hot tubbers, they may need you to go over some of the basics of hot tub safety and use. Advise guests to take a break to visit the snack bar and give their body time to cool down before another turn in the hot tub. Having 20 to 30-minute soaks will also allow everyone who wants to use the hot tub to receive a turn.

Rule 3: Your Hot Tub Should Be Kept at a Safe Temperature

For most healthy adults, a hot tub can be set anywhere from 100 and 104 degrees. At a hot tub party, it is important that you keep the temperature at a safe setting for all, which may be lower than you are accustomed to. This is especially true if children will be at the party, in which case you should set the temperature closer to around 98 degrees.

Rule 4: Everyone Must Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

When you work out, you know to hydrate because you feel your body sweat. However, when in a hot tub, your body can lose liquids without you realizing it. This is why it is so important for your guests to drink lots of clear, hydrating fluids. Encourage guests to up their fluid intake during the party. For your menu, be sure to include flavored waters, fruit juices, or caffeine-free teas. You can also serve hydrating snacks such as fresh fruits or broth-based soups.

Rule 5: Guests Should Avoid Alcohol Consumption

In addition to having your guests consume lots of clear liquids, it’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol can quickly dehydrate the body, raise your core temperature, and cause dizziness, none of which are safe to experience while in a spa.

Rule 6: Make Use of Hot Tub Safety Accessories

With the addition of a few hot tub accessories, you and your guests can be well equipped for an enjoyable and safe night. A hot tub handrail on your Strong spa, Hot Spring hot tub, or Freeflow or Tropic seas model will allow guests to feel secure and maintain balance while entering and exiting. High-quality hot tub steps can help guests safely find and keep their footing. Additionally, be sure to have adequate lighting in and around the hot tub area.

If you’d like to learn more about hot tub safety, contact our team at Texas Hot Tub Company. You can also stop by any of our five locations to speak with a hot tub professional about the incredible features and design of a Strong Spa or other hot tub brand. We wish you all the best for a fun, safe, and memorable hot tub party!  


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