Hot Tub Movie Night in Your Backyard

Looking for something extra special to do with your family and friends at your next get together, how about a hot tub movie night? Simply changing to an outdoor setting to watch your movie, bring as new level of fun and excitement to your regular family movie night.

Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting in the hot tub after a long day. Adding a great movie to that scenario just adds to the relaxation. Pick a great comedy and include the whole family or make it a romantic movie night for you and your special someone. Either way adding a hot tub to your movie night will make for an unforgettable night.

The Basics of a Great Hot Tub Movie Night

You really don’t need much to get started… just a projector and a screen to project on to. Your screen can be a large white sheet or – if you have a light colored house – simply project the movie on to the side of your house. They also sell inflatable screens specifically for outdoor movies. Don’t let the cost scare you. You can pick up an inexpensive projector for a little as $75. If you project on to a sheet or the side of your house, that makes your backyard movie night very affordable.

Take Your Hot Tub Movie Night to the Next Level

Once you have the basics, you can add to your movie night to take your fun to the next level. Invite the neighborhood for a movie and barbecue.  Use your outdoor kitchen to grill up some hot dogs or burgers to enjoy as you watch your movie.  Or use your fire pit as the center of your seating area. The fire will keep you warm on those cool nights and you can roast a marshmallow or two while you watch your movie.

Why stop at just movies? Project the big game or use the projector with your gaming console to create the ultimate outdoor gaming experience. Once you have the basics for a hot tub movie night, the possibilities are endless.


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