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Hot Tub Fun Facts

Everyone loves soaking in a hot tub. The soothing heat, relaxing bubbles and healing benefits have stood the test of time. In fact, almost from the beginning of recorded history, you can find evidence of people enjoying “hot tubs.” To pay homage to the rich history of soothing thermal soaks, here are some fun facts about hot tubs from throughout the ages:

Hot Springs

In the early days, Buddhists took full advantage of the natural hot springs created by the unique geographical features of Japan. The numerous volcanoes in the country provide hot springs galore. These hot springs became a significant part of the Buddhist religion. Their healing benefits lead others to seek ways to recreate the hot springs in other areas.

Hot Stones

These efforts to recreate the euphoric feeling created by the hot springs led our ancestors to develop hot tubs of their own. For many, that meant heating stones on an open fire before dropping them into calderas. The heat from the stones would raise the water temperature, making it ideal for soaking. The ancients may not have been able to enjoy the massaging jets of modern hot tubs, but they certainly reaped healing benefits from soaking in the soothing, warm water.

The Ban

During the dark ages, religious leaders put a damper on the early “hot tub” craze. They were adamantly opposed to bathing in general, so soaking for pleasure was definitely a no-no. There was even a ban put on bathing. Fortunately, the religious opposition fizzled out and didn’t keep people from their tubs for long. (Can you imagine the smell?!?)

Japanese Monkeys

Interestingly, people aren’t alone in their enjoyment of hot tubs. Japanese snow monkeys have been known to spend up to 5 hours a day enjoying the hot springs. Upon observation, you’ll quickly see that these 5 hours are a time of socialization for the monkeys, just like hot tubbing is for humans today.

Fountain of Youth

Today, hot tubs are touted as a fountain of youth. Studies show that hot tubs not only keep wrinkles at bay, but they also slow internal aging by 20%. With benefits to your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, too, hot tubs are as close to a fountain of youth as anyone has found.

When you consider their long history and numerous benefits, it’s no wonder that there are more than 26 million hot tubs worldwide. Ready to get in on the “trend” yourself? Come see us – we’re open on Saturdays, too! Our line of Jacuzzi hot tubs is sure to help you discover your own love of hot tubs.


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