Sometimes the best dates with that special someone are the simplest ones. You can make a lasting impact and create great memories with a low key date night in your Hot Spring Hot Tub, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Here are some tips for a successfully romantic evening.

Make it a Date

Even if it’s a surprise for your significant other, you’ll need to put it on your calendar and set aside the time to prepare. But make sure it’s a time that’s convenient for the both of you (you don’t want to get everything ready only to find that she has to work late). If there are rugrats running around your house, then make sure it’s a time when they are in bed (convince her to read them a story for bed time, while you’re secretly setting the mood outside). If you’re not living together, then invite him over for dinner and have everything prepared.

Spice it Up

That is, prepare a meal or some special treats (what did you think we meant?). If you’re an avid cook, then his favorite meal made by your hands will be all the more special. If you’re not the best cook, though, then pick up her favorite take out and you’ll still earn ample brownie points. Something as simple as chocolate covered strawberries (easy to make at home, and much more affordable that way) or a gluten free cupcake from her favorite shop, are small but impacting gestures.

Set the Mood

What is a romantic evening under the stars without romantic music? Anything from orchestral creations to jazz to some smooth R&B (take it old school with Backstreet Boys, or current with Rihanna) – whatever your love enjoys most. Remember to keep it soft and low so the neighbors aren’t annoyed.

Also, bring some aesthetic to your backyard. Hang some white lights near the hot tub (just be sure they’re away from the water). Place some candles around the back yard on plates and small tables or stools at varying heights. Put rose petals on the path leading to the hot tub and around it. There are a number of ways you can easily increase the romantic factor with a few small and budget friendly touches.

With all your effort, this is certain to be an evening for the books! Enjoy your hot tub date night under the stars.


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