Hot Tub Chemistry 101

Hot Tub Chemistry 101

Chemistry formulas racing through your head like a high school student just before the final exam? Worrying about your hot tub alkalinity and pH more than you worried about memorizing the periodic table in your junior high science class?

We understand! Trying to keep your spa water balanced can feel overwhelming.  

But it’s going to be OK. Take a deep breath and relax. Just like in school, if you pay attention in class and take good notes, you’re sure to pass this course with an easy “A.” Then you’ll have safe, clean water to enjoy in your Utopia, Paradise, Vacanza or Freeflow spa.

Ready? Good. Because class is beginning …

Your study guide says you need to take note of these items, and their associated levels:

  • pH – 7.2 – 7.8
  • alkalinity – 80 – 120
  • sanitizer – 1.5 – 3.0 (chlorine) or 3.0 – 5.0 (bromine)
  • amount of organic material in the water

These elements are all connected, and all affect the cleanliness and safety of the water in your hot tub. To keep them in check, add these items to your “school supply”, or hot tub supply shopping list:

  • testing strips
  • alkalinity adjuster
  • sanitizer and shock chemicals
  • pH adjuster

The test for this class is really easy. All you need to do is dip a test strip according the package directions, and compare the colors on the strip with the color swatches on the strip package. Check the levels in this order:

  1. Alkalinity
  2. pH
  3. Sanitizer

If the test indicates that one of these levels needs to be adjusted, correct it according to the package directions for the corresponding chemical. If more than one chemical is out of balance, correct one at a time. Just be sure to wait several hours, or even overnight, between chemical additions.

(Teacher’s note – before you add additional chemicals, be sure to test again to make sure they’re still needed.)

The only other thing you’ll need to do is shock your hot tub about once a week. Think of it like recess for your spa water – a chance to clear out all the gunk, just like recess always helped you clear your mind. Shocking is important, no matter how good you are about sanitizing, checking and balancing your spa water.

Now, you’re ready for your final exam! Trust us, you’ll love this one. All you have to do is enjoy a nice relaxing soak in your hot tub from Texas Hot Tub Company!

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