Holiday Hot Tub: The Thanksgiving You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Thanksgiving is the most meaningful holiday of the year.

Your family is gathered across all generations. The turkey is a perfect golden brown. The kids are playing and sneaking tastes of — oh! Look a that! Your drunk uncle is yelling about politics.

Thanksgiving is amazing — but some traditions need updating every now and again.

Let’s start with the traditions that should never change. You should continue to use the holiday as a forum to exchange stories. You should continue to pass down family folklore to the younger generations. You should continue to watch the Detroit Lions lose to whoever they’re playing this year.

But you should do it in a hot tub.


I’m sure you don’t associate Turkey Day with a dip in the spa, but think about it. Thanksgiving is about bonding. So are hot tubs. Thanksgiving is about relaxing and rejuvenating. So are hot tubs. Thanksgiving is about conversation and storytelling. So are hot tubs.

Eat your turkey. Eat your stuffing. Eat your cranberry sauce that slides out in exact same shape as the can.

But when you’re done, sink into a hot tub instead of sinking into the couch. Imagine unwinding after dinner with a warm, soothing underwater massage. You’re surrounded by family, the stories are flowing and the kids are playing.

With a hot tub holiday, everything is just as it should be on Thanksgiving — only better. Keep all the stuff that makes Turkey Day great, but if you want to make the after-dinner party an event that no one will ever forget, you don’t have to work hard at all. In fact, it’s instant — just add water.



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