Gift Ideas for the Hot Tub Owner in Your Life

With the holidays approaching, you’re likely scrambling for gift ideas. There are always those one or two people in our lives that make determining what gift to buy for them rather difficult. Maybe he seems to already have everything he could possible want, or maybe she is really hard to read. Well, if either of those people own a hot tub, chances are, you can find a hot tub accessory that would make a great gift.

Caldera SpasDo you know what’s rather a pain when it comes to hot tub use? Wanting to have a snack or bring a drink out with you to enjoy while you soak in the hot tub, but no where to put it to keep it dry. Consider purchasing a hot tub caddy as a gift for your loved one. It fits right on the side of the hot tub, or floats on the water, thanks to water-filled ballasts.  A spa side table attaches securely to the side of the hot tub.

If your loved one likes to entertain out at the spa, then this spa bar could be something she didn’t even know she wanted. Other fun hot tub accessories for the person who enjoys having company over could be a floating blackjack table or a new spin on a popular party game with Floaty Pong.

Coleman Backyards offers exclusive Classic Steps, which are double-tiered with 12 inch treads. Each step is five feet wide, providing a large, stable platform for safely entering and exiting the hot tub. Get this for your loved one so he can replace the step-stool he’s been using since his hot tub installation.

When you go over to use your friend’s hot tub, are you placing towels on nearby chairs? Maybe a spa towel rack would make a great holiday gift. You could also help your loved one create a relaxing atmosphere for evening hot tub use with floating light shows.

See, holiday gift buying doesn’t have to be a wash after all. You just have to know where to look.


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