Four No-No’s for Using a Hot Tub

Since there’s no place like home for hot tubbing, most spa owners are aware of the basic do’s and don’ts for in and around the outdoor tub – especially the matters of safety, water care, and maintenance.

But  for other things, questions remain. Like, does it really matter how hot the temperature is or how long you soak in a hot tub? Is drinking a glass of wine ok? Will it hurt anything if the kiddos pour bubble bath into the hot tub? A hot tub is just a small pool, so the kids should be safe splashing around, right?

Well, think again. Here are the four no-no’s for using a hot tub.

1. What’s the safest temperature for your hot tub?

The safety features of new hot tubs have a maximum temperature of 104°F.  The settings won’t allow you to go beyond that limit. Most older units aren’t equipped with this safety precaution.

Whether you have a temperature limit or not, most experts recommend for safety reasons adults should never go beyond 104°F.  For that reason, always check the temperature before entering the water.

Since everyone has a different preference, there is no magic number for the perfect temperature for your HotSpringSpa. A few individuals will prefer a quick dip in the maximum temperature possible, although, the majority would instead soak in water 100°F – 102°F range.

2. Is is safe to drink a glass of wine in the hot tub?

Alcohol is a depressant that can slow your reactions. It can make you clumsy and make it difficult for your body to regulate your body temperature. You certainly don’t want to slip or trip and hit your head in your hot tub, or accidentally overheat. Plus, it’s easy for a wine glass to glide through your slippery fingers and shatter all over the hot tub. For safety measures, it’s best to drink with plastic cups and save the alcohol for after your soak.

3. Bubble bath in the hot tub is fun, right?

Oh, how fun it is to watch all the suds and bubble bath while splashing around in the hot tub. All the kids will laugh and squeal with delight, but will mom and dad? Not. It’s a sorry mess and a lot of clean up. Usually, you’ll have to drain the tub and start over with fresh water after a thorough cleaning. Oh, and don’t forget to clean the filter and the spa shell, too.

4. Children in the hot tub – is it safe?

Since children don’t have the same heat tolerance as adults, children ages 5 and under should not enter water above 95°F. Plus, they should not soak for more than 5 -10 minutes at a time.

The next time you take a plunge into a hot tub, remember safety first!


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