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Exercises in a Hot Tub

Why should you do exercises in a Hot Tub and what are the benefits and advantages of so doing.

Ideas for exercises in a Hot Tub all of which are straightforward and easy to do for the majority of people but we do suggest that you consult a doctor before commencing them, if you have any health concerns.

The reasons why it is good to exercise in a Hot Tub is that the warm water helps you with your aqua exercise by providing both support and some gentle friction for the various routines which I will expand on later in this article.

With all exercises you should begin slowly and gently warm up as you go along.

Do not continue and exercise if you feel light headed or dizzy and experience any discomfort or pain or indeed if you feel dehydrated.

Front Thigh Muscles – Pull you knee cap gently back and straighten your thigh until the knee cap is firmly locked and then gently raise your thigh – say three to four times on your left side and the same on your right side build this up until you can do say ten at a time.

Calf Muscles and Ankles – Sitting in the tub stretch your leg and bend your big toe down as far as you can go and circle each foot three times clock wise and then anti clock wise build up to ten or more. This is a great exercise to do in our out of the Hot Tub.

Calf and Foot Muscles – Sitting in the Tub push your foot and big toe gently against the side or the floor of the Tub and gently increase the pressure and hold this for a few moments. Repeat this about ten times alternating one foot at a time.

Fore Arm – Sitting in the tub rapidly squeeze your hands in to a fist using as much strength as is comfortable and hold the fist clenched for five to ten seconds. Alternate each hand for five times and build up to ten.

Stomach Muscles – Sitting in the Tub gently pull in your stomach muscles and then hold them in for three to five seconds or longer if you feel happy to do so. Relax and then do this say five times and build up to ten times.

Hands and fingers – To improve blood circulation in your hands – move your fingers in the water as if playing the flute and flex and bend each finger and thumb alternatively taking two to three minutes with each hand and repeat say five times with each hand.

Neck – Sitting in the Tub gently try to lay your head on your right shoulder then raise your head till in line with your body and repeat three times then do the same on the left side. When comfortable with this build up to perhaps two or sessions spaced out with other exercises.

Shoulder and Neck – Sitting in the tub with your shoulders covered by water gently move your head and neck five times to the left and then once to the right stop for a minute then repeat but this time the other way round.

Shoulder Muscles – Sitting in the Hot Tub with your shoulders under water gently roll your shoulders back wards three times and then three times forward as you do this allow your arms to follow your gentle movements. If comfortable with this build up to five and then ten forward and backward movements.

The reason why doing exercises in the Hot Tub is a good idea is for a variety of reasons inter-alia:-

The water provides buoyancy and depending on the seats that you may be using and the design of the Hot Tub semi-buoyancy also. This reduces the pressure of gravity on your limbs making them more mobile and able to stretch and flex more.

At the same time the warm water allows the body to relax and the blood flow to the muscles that you are exercising with is increased so that brings increased oxygen and nutrients.

The water also has a natural friction so that there is some gentle resistance to your movements.

Also if you feel tired the water will simply support your limb so making it easy to stop at any time with out any fear of pain.

At the end of the exercise you should close your eyes relax and take some slow but deep breaths.

There are of course very many more exercises that you could do. Just remember the golden rule to take your time and do not over exert your self. If any doubt as to your health to do such exercises please check with your own doctor.


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