Doughboy: This Level of Quality Could Only be Made in America

When you buy something cheap and flimsy, you can expect to see a very familiar tag — one that reads “Made in China.” Or “Made in the Philippines.” Or “Made in Taiwan.”

When you buy a Doughboy above-ground pool, however, you’ll see a tag that reads “Made in the USA.” Every inch of every pool — right down the screws — is made and assembled by American workers right here at home.

And you can tell by the quality.

Whether you choose steel or resin, these babies are built to last and built to perform — but each one is also a mighty fine-looking addition to your backyard. Above-ground pools have historically been big, ugly buckets of water that you settled for if you didn’t want or couldn’t afford an in-ground pool.

Doughboys, however, are sleek, modern and designed not only to blend in with your landscaping, but to complement it.

Everyone who sells anything claims to be “No. 1” or “industry leading” or insert cookie-cutter marketing slogan here. In our case, however, we can say without fear of exaggeration that no other manufacturer in the above-ground pool universe comes close to the design, engineering, performance and service of Doughboy.

The gauge of steel we use is about 50 percent heavier than most brands and boths sides of the vertical walls go through a seven-step coating process. All of that provides a level of corrosion resistance, durability and stability that puts other pool builders to shame.

Seriously, if you own a non-Doughboy pool, you should be ashamed of yourself. Just kidding. But if you want the world’s best above-ground pool, you should consider an upgrade.

Our pools are the best that money can buy, and comparatively, they don’t cost that much money. They’re easy to install. We’ll service them forever. We’re always just a phone call away.

Most importantly, every inch of every pool is made right here in the USA.


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