Doughboy Pool Kits Quick & Easy SetUp Tips

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Installation of a Doughboy pool is not very hard, but it is a big job. The job will be easier if two or three friends help with the installation and follow all instructions exactly.

Read all instructions provided with accessories such as filter, pump, skimmer, etc. prior to starting. Plan 3-5 days for pool assembly and installation. Avoid windy days. Before you start, check to see that you have the correct number of parts. Use your Parts List, which is broken down by carton. Do not throw away any of the inspection slips or cartons until you are sure you have all the parts. As a dealer we will promptly replace any missing parts.

The warranty is void if the design of the pool is altered in any way. No changes may be made to any of the parts. The pool must be assembled according to Doughboy’s instructions. You must be completely satisfied with the completed pool installation, whether self-installed or professionally installed, before proceeding with additional landscaping.

IMPORTANT PRELIMINARY PLANNING: Before beginning your pool installation, take a few minutes to consider the following points:

1. Check wall clearances to allow enough working area for your pool installation.

2. Check for easements.

3. Avoid trees and roots; do not allow leaves to fall into the pool.

4. Avoid overhead power lines.

5. Avoid underground piping and cables.

6. Keep sprinklers away from pool sides.

7. Select a pool site that allows for the proper supervision of swimmers as well as viewing children near the pool.

8. Position the pump and filter near convenient electrical outlets.

9. Avoid overhanging eaves to prevent water and debris runoff from your roof.

10. Allow 12 inches of undisturbed soil around your pool (clearance radius).

11. No sudden slopes within 6 feet of your pool.

12. Do not install your pool on any abrasive area such as concrete, asphalt, peat moss, tar paper, gravel, wood, top of grass or on soil which has recently undergone petroleum based chemical treatments.

13. Treat the ground inside the pool area with a non-petroleum based fungicide (available at garden supply shops). This may help prevent fungus stains on the liner. Consult your Doughboy pool dealer.

14. Do not install liner on nut grass or Bermuda grass. See your dealer for special instructions.

15. Rid pool area of burrowing pests and insects such as gophers and termites.

16. Avoid windy days during installation.

17. Have 2 or 3 helpers to assist you during pool assembly.

And be sure to check out these installation videos to provide more guidance for your Doughboy pool set up.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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