Do I Have To Have A Fence Around My Hot Tub?

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It is a well-known fact that most places have laws requiring a fence around pools. It just makes sense. Safety is the number one priority of pool owners and a fence is an extra layer of safety. But, what about your hot tub? Do I have to have a fence around my hot tub?

The short answer is, probably. As with all codes and regulations, hot tub regulations vary by state. Many places require hot tubs and swim spas to comply with the same fencing/barrier codes as swimming pools. Some places do allow for a locking cover to serve as the “barrier”. More often than not, a fence is required.

Having a Fence Around my Hot Tub is a Good Idea

Even if your local building codes don’t require a fence around your hot tub, it is a good idea to install one. Hot tubs do have many of the same safety concerns as a backyard pool. Although hot tubs typically remain covered when not in use, they can still be a safety hazard. The fence is an added level of safety. As it is often stated, you can never be too careful. Fencing also provides extra privacy which is always a bonus when it comes to hot tubs. 

Fencing Benefits

The fencing is intended to keep people from accessing the hot tub without your knowledge. You want something that is not very easy to climb. A fence that is over 4 feet tall is ideal. You should also avoid a chain link fence. Having a gate that shuts and latches on its own is another safety feature that you should consider. It will prevent anyone from gaining entry through a gate that is accidentally left open.

Before you purchase and install your hot tub, be sure to check all of your state and city codes. You should also check with your homeowners’ association to make sure they don’t have any additional regulations. Once you know the requirements, if any, you will be able to make an informed decision about what kind of fencing you will use around your hot tub.

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