Do Hot Tubs Improve Home Value?

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One question on every homeowner’s mind when they do anything to their home, “will this help or hurt my resale value?”. That question is never truer than when you are adding a feature like a pool or a hot tub. Hot tubs add plenty of value to your daily life, but what will a hot tub do to your home value?

In short, it will increase your home value. That is if you do it properly. Hot tubs that are properly installed and well-maintained will add value. Unlike a pool, hot tubs can be removed or resold fairly easily. They do not usually limit your buying market in the same way that a pool would.

How can you make sure that your hot tub is adding value and not taking away?

Go for Quality

The old adage of you get what you pay for rings true here. An inexpensive, low-quality hot tub is just that. It may look nice at first, but it will start to wear out and look cheap quickly. Buying a high-quality hot tub will not only last longer and require less maintenance, but the quality will also be noticeable to potential buyers. Name brands that they know, like Jacuzzi hot tubs, will also carry more weight with potential buyers. If they see something that looks like a money pit, you can be sure that they will tuck and run. On the other hand, if they step out to an outdoor oasis, you may have just sealed the deal.

Make it Look Intentional

This is a big one. Don’t just throw your hot tub on the back patio and run a cord over to it. Your hot tub needs to fit into its surroundings. Make it look like it was well thought out and planned. Hot tubs that are built into a deck or that have a covered pergola over them look much more luxurious. Buyers typically prefer a hot tub that is placed off to the side where they don’t have to walk around it. And of course, having beautiful landscaping to accent the hot tub also scores major points. Your hot tub needs to fit in and look like a nice retreat from the stresses of life. If you can accomplish this, even a buyer that didn’t have a hot tub on their “must-have list” will start singing a different tune.

Keep up on Maintenance

Finally, take care of your hot tub. Not only for your sake but for resale value. How well you have maintained your hot tub will be obvious to potential buyers. The way it looks and sounds will make a buyer think one of two things; “oh that looks like a nice retreat” or “that looks like a headache I don’t really want to take on”. Keeping up on regular maintenance and keeping a log of any repairs or service calls will help a potential buyer feel more comfortable with their purchase.

Ensure that your hot tub meets these three requirements and you know that your hot tub will add value to your home.

Here at Texas Hot Tub Company, we help you every step of the way. From your initial purchase and installation to maintenance and upkeep, we know how to give you a hot tub that adds value in all areas of life! Give us a call and let’s get started today!

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