COVID-19 and the Hot Tub Industry: Our Honest Take on What’s Ahead

Jacuzzi hot tub in a backyard patio with chairs and umbrella

Clearly, the coronavirus isn’t a good thing. Its impact on our health, our daily lives, not to mention the world economy has changed forever. There will be a new normal!

Over the past few weeks, many fellow hot tub and swimming pool dealers around the country have asked us what this virus may mean for pools and spas the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Because so many are asking, and because of our sense of duty to the industry as a whole, we want to address this honestly and transparently.

Pool and spa stores were designated Essential Service Providers during the President’s Disaster Declaration.

Why? BECAUSE COVID-19 cannot survive in a properly filtered and sanitized pool or spa. It was determined early that pool and spa maintenance routes, service & repair and access to purchase necessary sanitizers is essential in the fight against this pandemic.

Doctors recommend hot tubs and saunas

to build immune systems, aid in post-surgery and injury recovery and recently, to fight against virus. In our state, doctor prescribed medical appliances are exempt from Texas Sales and Use Tax.

Wellness at Home

has been a growing trend for decades and with so many homeowners sheltering in place right now, families are researching healthy stay at home activities at a record pace.

The Domino Effect

of less travel and an ‘At Home’ wellness mentality adds up to STAYCATION. Vacation every day at home in your sauna, pool or hot tub AND, be healthier for it!

Bottom line is this…

Consumers have been forced to entertain themselves at home. Television viewership and online gaming software sales are at record highs, not surprisingly. Internet searches for healthy exercise, healthy eating, daily hot tub use, swimming pool installation and infrared sauna use are at unprecedented levels. Overwhelmingly, the opinion in the scientific community is, This will not be the last pandemic but we will be better prepared. As we return to a new normal, consumers will better prepare their homes for the next version of a stay-at-home order. The Pool and Spa Industry will most likely lose some players as a result of temporary shutdowns, but our industry as a whole will grow.


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