Can your Hot Tub Move with You?

When you purchased your hot tub you knew it would be fun. You hoped it would take away your aches and pains. Now that you’ve had it for a while, you KNOW that you can’t live without it. It is the perfect ending to a stressful day. It keeps your back pain at bay and gives you the best sleep of your life! Yes, your hot tub has definitely become a necessity. So, now that you are moving you just have one question: Can your hot tub move with you?

YES! You can put your worries to rest. Your hot tub can move with you and it is not terribly difficult. 

Drain the hot tub

Start by preparing your hot tub. It would be best to do this just a day or two before your big move since it is not good for a hot tub to sit empty for too long. Start by draining your hot tub and giving it a good cleaning if you have time. You will want to blow out the lines and pumps so there isn’t any water remaining in the hot tub.

Pack the accessories

Next, remove any of the hot tub accessories or components that you can. This will make your hot tub lighter. It will also protect the components. You don’t want things shifting or rattling around as you move it. Moving any possible parts as separate components is a must. 

Move the hot tub

Once all of the components and accessories are packed, turn the hot tub onto its side. This is definitely a two-man job. Do not try to move the hot tub on your own. With the tub on its side, carefully tilt the tub to one side and slide a 2×4 underneath the hot tub. Hold the tub in place and do the same thing to the other side. Your hot tub should now be on its side and sitting on two 2×4 boards. This will make it easy to slide the furniture dolly underneath without damaging the shell of your tub. Slide another dolly under the opposite side and strap the hot tub to the two dollies. You are now ready to load the hot tub onto the moving truck. 

Unpack the hot tub

When you arrive at your new home, make sure that your new hot tub site is ready to go so you aren’t moving the tub twice. Use the dollies to roll the hot tub off of the truck. Once you have your hot tub in its new location, you will reverse the process. Unstrap the dollies, replace the 2x4s, slide the dollies out from under the hot tub, leaving it to rest on the 2x4s. Carefully remove the 2x4s one at a time then tilt the tub back onto its bottom. You are now ready to put all of the components back in place and fill your tub as you did when you set it up the first time.

Following these procedures will make moving your hot tub as simple as possible. By the time you have the rest of your home unpacked, you will be so glad that your hot tub is ready and waiting to ease the aches and pains of moving.


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