Can I Pressure Wash My Hot Tub?

Can I Pressure Wash My Hot Tub?

Spring is officially in full swing, and every true Texan can see the signs. Bluebonnets are blooming, the Rangers’ season has started, and the sun sets a little later each evening. Plus, there’s that inexplicable need to clean. When it comes to spring cleaning your hot tub, it’s important to use the proper tools and care to prevent damage. To help you safely spring clean your spa, our team at Texas Hot Tub Company will let you know how you can pressure wash your hot tub and other frequently asked hot tub cleaning questions.

Can I Pressure Wash My Hot Tub?

If you’ve gotten trigger-happy with your cleaning, you may like to know, can I pressure wash my hot tub? While pressure washing is a quick and effective way to remove debris or buildup, we recommend that you use it sparingly and only on the exterior. That is, do not use the pressure washer to clean the interior as it could damage the acrylic shell, the jets, or other nozzles. Each HotSpring® Hot Tub is known for its precise and powerful jets. The last thing you’d want is to cause harm to them.

For the outside of your spa, a pressure washer is fine to use but only at a lower psi setting. Too much pressure could cause water to leak between the seams. Use your pressure washer with caution.

Is It OK to Use Dish Soap to Clean My Spa?

While your blue dish soap may seem like a one-and-done cleaning product, we recommend avoiding soapy products in your hot tub. If you do not completely rinse the interior, you risk having soaping water each time you turn on the jets.

Instead, we recommend using a soft, non-abrasive sponge and hot tub cleaning solutions to wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and drain again before refilling your spa.

Is One Spring Clean Enough for the Year? 

While “spring” and “clean” do sound nice together, we recommend that you give your spa a thorough wash more than once a year. It’s hard to relax in a noticeably dirty hot tub. To prevent grim and debris from building up on your spa’s exterior, we recommend you take time to wipe down the spa surfaces and any accessories each week. Adding this to your weekly spa maintenance routine takes hardly any additional time, will keep your spa clean, and will prevent grim from altering your hot tub chemicals.

For your spa water, we recommend your drain and refill it three to four times a year. However, if you have a HotSpring Spa with FreshWater® Salt System, your spa water will stay clean for up to a year before needing to be changed.

Do I Need to Clean my Hot Tub Filters?

The short answer is YES! Your filters are the workhorse behind keeping your spa clean, and they, too, need a little TLC. Start by removing your filters and soaking them in a mix of warm water and filter cleaning solution. You can soak for as long as 24 hours. You can also spray with a hose to clean between each of the accordion folds. If after all this, your filters are still visibly dirty, it may be time to replace them. Contact our team, or stop by one of our stores for a replacement filter for your hot tub.

In addition to cleaning your hot tub, be sure to be consistent with weekly spa maintenance. For added convenience, sign up for our auto-ship delivery system. With this service, we will deliver your spa chemicals to your home every four to six months. To sign up or if you have further questions about hot tub cleaning, contact Texas Hot Tub Company today. We wish you a happy spring cleaning!


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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