Can Hot Tubs Prevent Illness?

When you hear the term ‘hot tub’, does your mind take you to a place of instant relaxation? Probably. What you may not be used to hearing, however, is how it impacts your physical health. Did you know that hot tubs can help prevent illness? That’s right! You can give your immune system a leg up when it comes to fighting infections and treating symptoms of sickness.

Do Hot Tubs Prevent Illness?

Also known as the ‘water cure’, hydrotherapy is world-renowned when it comes to health benefits. Hot tubs were originally invented to treat the symptoms of arthritis and have since blown away the medical community with their various health benefits. Nowadays, regular soaks in a hot tub are used to treat arthritis, neurological diseases, sensory disorders, for physical therapy purposes and yes, to help prevent and treat sickness such as cold and flu.  

How Does it Boost My Immune System?

Think of it as a chain reaction. A hot tub is not what directly increases your body’s system of defense. Hot tubs prevent illness by allowing your body the opportunity to function at the top of its game. When you soak in a hot tub, the warm water massages away tension, releasing stress and allowing your mind to rest. Your blood pressure drops, along with the stress hormone cortisol, and you enter into a state of total relaxation. This allows you to sleep better, heal faster, and for your immune system to be on high alert.   

Will it Help My Symptoms if I Do Get Sick?

Unfortunately, there will be times that you do get sick, and even then your hot tub will help. The extra heat will help raise your body’s temperature, aiding in the fight against infection much like a fever does. The steam will open your sinuses and alleviate head congestion. And best of all, the body aches and pains will dissipate far better than they would with over-the-counter medicine.

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