Beyond Relaxation: The Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy

There is an old expression that says you don’t get out of a hot tub the same way you went in. Yes, you get in dry and get out wet. But let’s expand our minds a little beyond the basics, OK?

If you want to get a true, unbiased understanding of the benefits that hydrotherapy offers to your body and mind, just look at the proof documented by organizations that aren’t trying to sell hot tubs, like LivestrongArizona Central’s Healthy Living and Health and Fitness Travel.

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Hydrotherapy relieves pain and soothes muscle tension. It’s used by therapists to promote healing in sports injuries, especially since large areas of the body can be submerged and subjected to jets simultaneously. When jets run at full force, the feeling can be similar to that of a deep tissue massage. The hot water increases blood flow around inflamed tissue and improves circulation, which reduces pain and swelling.

These are exactly the qualities that link hot tub therapy to a reduction in arthritis suffering, including better movement, improved range of motion and less pain in the joints.

But the benefits go beyond immediate physical pain relief.

Hot tub immersion has a meditative quality that encourages endorphin release, which makes you feel generally good all around. The raised heat encourages detoxification. Relaxation and overall stress relief are among the biggest reasons for buying a hot tub and one of the benefits most frequently reported by users. Hot tub therapy has even been linked to improved immune system function and enhanced overall health.


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