Best Times for Soaking in a Hot Tub?

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Relaxation and socialization are both great reasons to get a hot tub, but most of our customers want health benefits, too. Soaking in a hot tub is proven to help control weight, improve sleep, improve circulation and cardiovascular function, and much more. When it comes to gaining the maximum benefits from your hot tub, what is the best time of day to use it? 

Sunrise Soakin’

Waking up is hard! There is actually scientific evidence that a hot shower in the morning helps to wake you up, but we think you’ll enjoy sipping coffee more in your hot tub. Wake up, pour a cup of java, and sink into your hot tub instead. We know you’ll find yourself slipping into a better mood before your day comes crashing in.

Bedtime Bathin’

Before bed is the most popular time for a hot tub soak. It’s probably your best bet for having enough time for a longer soak (up to 20 minutes), which helps control weight if done regularly. An evening soak also improves your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Perhaps the best reason for a nighttime nautical in your hot tub is: it’s the most romantic time of day! 

After Sweatin’ It

Once your workout or run is finished, it’s a great time to use your hot tub. A quick soak in the hot tub after exercise will help your muscles relax, much like cool-down exercises and stretching. Post-workout soaks help your muscles recover from exercise, warding off sore muscles. Promising yourself a soothing soak just might be enough to push through that last set of squats or that last uphill mile on your jog!

Pamperin’ Your Pain

Hot tubs aren’t just for fun; the benefits of hydrotherapy are well-documented and recognized worldwide throughout human history. Spas are often recommended by doctors and physical therapists after surgery, injury, or many illnesses. They are especially helpful for chronic painful conditions, such as arthritis, but are also useful for acute pain and injuries, such as sprains and strains. Before you grab the ibuprofen, try 15-20 minutes in your hot tub instead. You will likely reduce your need for pain relievers and speed healing. 

Clearin’ the Ol’ Noggin

Let’s face it: the day-to-day grind of “adulting” wears on everyone. Whether you’re 30 or 90, you have days when the bills, the kids, the job, and the hassles just wear on you. Soaking in a hot tub clears your mind and readjusts the old attitude. After a nice soak, the job, the boss, the kids, the leaky faucet, and the car repairs seem just a bit more manageable. We’re not going to lie, though. A soak in a hot tub won’t ever make you happy to pay bills!

Datin’ Your SO

Many of our customers are raising kids, almost all work jobs, and a healthy number have other activities and responsibilities, like volunteer work, obligations to extended family, educational pursuits, and more. These things all take us away from that Number One relationship — the one we need to nurture and grow. A hot tub provides a natural hangout for the two of you. No TV, tablet, smartphone, iPod, or social media. Just you two, bonding regularly as a couple, keeping the relationship healthy and vibrant! You’ll be amazed at how easy conversation flows when the distractions are removed and it’s just you guys in the comfort of your spa.


Honestly, anytime is a great time to use your hot tub. They just make you feel good. So whenever the mood hits, be ready with your own Jacuzzi from Texas Hot Tub Company! Check out our DFW showrooms today.

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