Are Jacuzzis Energy-Efficient?


The short answer is yes! Jacuzzi® hot tubs are some of the most energy-efficient hot tubs on the market today, and you can get one of these top of the line options at your nearest Texas Hot Tub Company location. We have them in stock, ready for you to see just how amazing they are firsthand. 

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Have Extra Insulation

While Jacuzzis are already constructed to be energy-efficient, we love them even more for taking things a step further and adding extra insulation around the interior of the hot tub. 

This extra padding serves the hot tub just like a big warm coat serves you in the winter. Holding in that extra heat helps to keep the water warm, so you aren’t constantly running a heat pump to your hot tub. 

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Have TriFusion™ Acrylic Shells

Not only do Jacuzzis have extra insulation to make sure they don’t lose any more heat than necessary, but they have also designed a specialized acrylic shell. This Trifusion shell serves to further insulate your hot tub and keep the heat inside. 

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Have Specially Designed Pumps

The company has also gone the extra mile in designing a special pump. While all hot tub pumps circulate water and create heat, a Jacuzzi pump has been made to take any heat generated by the running of the pump and funnel it back into the hot tub. 

This will continue to drive down your need for running a heat pump since simply turning on the hot tub will allow heat to enter the water. 

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Have Automated Programming

The final design feature these amazing hot tubs possess is the ability to program your hot tub to run at specific times and not others. If you normally take a dip after dinner each evening, you can set your program to start up the hot tub jets and pumps a little before then so that the water is warm and ready for you.

Conversely, you can have the programs set to not run during the day or overnight if you know you won’t be using them then. This allows your hot tub to decide when it is best to start heating water and when it can allow the temperature to drop a few degrees. 

Having your hot tub only run when you need it will not only save you money on your power bill but is also better for the environment. 

Other Ways to Make Your Hot Tub More Energy-Efficient

No matter what hot tub you have, there are a few things you can do to make it more energy-efficient. 

Purchase a Quality Hot Tub Cover

One of the easiest ways to help your hot tub stay energy efficient is to buy a quality hot tub cover. Make sure everything stays sealed up nicely, keeping the heat in and cooler air out. It will also keep any unwanted material out as well.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Water and Equipment

Keeping your water and equipment clean will also help. Pumps and systems have to work harder to clean dirtier water and have to run continuously sometimes. Keeping things in top order saves on costly repairs and energy.

Don’t Allow the Water Temperature to Plummet

Finally, don’t leave your hot tub off for too long unless you are closing it to leave for a few months. Starting it back up will end up costing so much more energy-wise than maintaining a constant temperature, even if you don’t use it daily.

No matter what you are looking for in a hot tub, Texas Hot Tub Company has something to fit the bill. Stop by any of our locations in the Austin and Dallas Fort Worth areas to see all of the amazing options today.


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