5 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Jacuzzi®

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Jacuzzi®

Relaxing in the warm water of your hot tub. Relieving achy muscles and joints. Spending time with friends and family. These are some of the most common ways people enjoy using their hot tubs. But did you know there are many other amazing ways to benefit from your spa? Get the most out of your hot tub with these 5 unexpected ways to use your Jacuzzi®. 

1. Stretching in Your Jacuzzi

We often hear of the fantastic health benefits a Jacuzzi hot tub has on sore muscle and achy joints. In addition, you can use your hot tub to do regular stretching exercises. Thanks to the natural weightlessness of water along with the warm water, your muscles will feel limber and be able to stretch in ways you may not on dry land. By doing these exercises in your hot tub, you can promote increased flexibility. 

2. Watching TV in Your Jacuzzi

After a long week, catch up on all your favorite TV shows in your Jacuzzi spa. Unwind with the next episode of your favorite comedy or drama all while enjoying the massaging jets of your hot tub. The only thing better than binge watch through your DVR is doing it from your hot tub. If you need to install an outdoor entertainment system to use from your hot tub, Texas Hot Tub Company can help!

3. Date Night In Your Jacuzzi

With the busyness of life, finding time for a proper date night can be tricky. However, when you have a Jacuzzi spa in your backyard, date night can be easily scheduled. Create a standing weekly date night in your hot tub to connect, chat, and relax in the warm water together. Even bring along snacks and drinks if you choose. 

4. Play Games in Your Jacuzzi

Game night is always a blast! But what about game night in the hot tub? Yes, please! There are many entertaining games you can enjoy from your hot tub. The most simple yet very fun is to get a deck of waterproof cards to play your favorite card games. Other classic favorites include grown up versions of “hot potato” or “musical chairs” from the hot tub. Together with friends and family, create your own games and have a blast doing so!

5. Late Night Dip in Your Jacuzzi

On sleepless nights, stop counting sheep and take a late night dip in your hot tub. On clear nights, use the time to stargaze and be amazed by the nighttime sky. In addition to awe-inspiring views, using your hot tub at night can aid in calming your mind and body. This can help you get restful sleep once you head to bed. 

Regularly using your Jacuzzi hot tub has a long list of amazing health and wellness benefits! We hope you make use of these fun but unexpected ways to enjoy your spa. Stop by our Lewisville location if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of a hot tub. Or contact us to get your Jacuzzi spa today!


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