5 Hot Tub Games to Enjoy This Summer

Summertime means vacations, pool parties and LOTS of time having fun with family and friends. You love finding new ways to connect with the ones you love. Did you know that your hot tub can be a favorite spot for games and summertime fun? It’s true! Upgrade to CoolZone™ technology on your Hot Spring® spa and experience a cool water spot during those sultry summer days. Warm the water at night for a relaxing soak. Here are five fun hot tub games to enjoy this summer.

Hot Tub Games for the Whole Family

The family that plays together stays together! And there’s nothing that is more fun than relaxing and playing together in your hot tub. Try out these fun games for your next family day.

Ping Pong Pass

This rip-roaring game will have everyone in your family wiggling and giggling. When everyone is seated, throw five ping pong balls into the water. The jets will blow the balls this way and that. But don’t let one touch you! If a ping pong ball touches someone in the hot tub, they are out. As they step out of the tub, add two more ping pong balls. Do this each time until only one player—the winner—is left!

AmeriSpa Idol

Form two teams. Team one picks any word. Team two has to sing a song containing that word. The challenge then moves to team one to come up with another song containing that same word. The singing challenge moves back and forth until one team can no longer think of a song with that word. The other team gets a point and chooses the next word.

Hot Tub Hockey

For this fun game, you’ll need two teams and one tough rubber duck. Each team gets half of the spa. And get ready for some action! Using your feet and legs as hockey sticks and the duck as the hockey puck, try to get your puck to touch the other team’s wall. The first team to five points wins!

Spa Telephone

Everyone grab your favorite hot tub seat and get settled! Just like the old-fashioned game of telephone, the first person will start a story. They will pass it to the second person, who will add more to the story as they go around the hot tub circle. Each consecutive person will repeat what has been passed to them, adding their extra flair as the story moves along. When the full story gets back to person number one, they will share the entire story with the whole group. Get ready for loads of laughs!

Water Board and Card Games

Vendors like Amazon now offer fantastic floating tables, and waterproof board and card games. From Uno Splash to floating checkers and other hot tub games, there is so much fun to be had.

At Coleman Backyards, we love helping you make connections with the ones you love. That’s why we offer the very best in backyard amenities, such as spas from Hot Spring. We know the investment you are making will pay off in dividends you never expected.

Eyeing a new hot tub for your backyard paradise? Call us today or bring your whole family in to see how CoolZone™ technology on a Hot Spring® spa can add to your summer fun. We have the perfect model waiting for you—ready to enhance your relationships and maximize every second your family and loved ones have with each other. Don’t spend another minute with your family in all different directions. Bring them together with summer fun and a hot tub from Coleman Bright Ideas for Your Home. You’ll have a special spot to deeply connect with the ones you love for years and years to come.


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