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5 Easy Steps to Remedy Cloudy Spa Water

You’ve been dreaming about it all day. Your mind trails from the unending stress of the workday, and you long for the comfort of your own home — and the sacred peace of nature as you relax in warm calm of your hot tub. As you drive home, you call your favorite person and make plans to reconnect in the backyard that evening.

When you get home, you go check the spa to make sure everything is ready. But your longed-for dream loses some of its luster when you see the water. It’s cloudy. And cloudy is not OK.

What are your options? And how can you remedy this cloudy-water-situation? We’ve got some tips to get you back to living your dream in no time.

Resolving Cloudy Water Problems

Although cloudy water is not what you were prepared for, you can have your spa water exactly how you want it by trying these five easy steps:

1)      Check your filter(s). A dirty or clogged filter will impact water quality. Small particles that cannot be caught by the filter can add to water problems. Rinse the filter(s) with clean water or soak them overnight in a filter-cleaning solution.

2)      Balance the water. At times, cloudy water can be caused by too much sanitizer. Balance the sanitizer and pH to the correct levels to help relieve the issue.

3)      Shock it. After your filters are cleaned and reinstalled, shock the water with a quality, spa-specific shock. This can help clear the particles in the water and will usually resolve a cloudy water issue for you.

4)      Clean it with a clarifier. If there’s still cloudiness in your water, try a quality clarifier. Clarifiers group all of the unwanted particles in your spa together, helping them get caught completely in the filtering process.

5)      Drain away. When all else fails, drain the cloudy water away. New, clean spa water is necessary at times, giving you a fresh restart to luxuriously clear  water.

At Coleman Bright Ideas, we’re experts in spa water care. Call us today at 817-438-2478 to see what water care options are available for your cloudy spa water. Or, bring us a sample of your spa water for our in-store computer water analysis. Our water care technicians will have expert advice on the exact solution that your spa water needs. With three convenient locations in Grapevine, Ft. Worth, and Plano, we’re always close-by to meet your needs.

Do you want to avoid cloudy water instances altogether in the future? Call on Coleman to care for your spa with our incredible Valet service. We’ll keep your spa sparkling and ready to use anytime you need it. To sign up for our weekly Valet or other spa services, just let us know what you need and how we can assist you. The experts at Coleman Bright Ideas will get your cloudy water resolved and back to a sparkling, shimmering delight in no time.


The 2019 Limelight Collection Owner’s Manual will help you understand your spa’s features, and answer questions you might have regarding spa operation, water care, and maintenance. There is also a troubleshooting section included for your convenience.  

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