4 Ways to Meet Your Fitness Goals with Endless Pools

a woman rowing, one of the 4 ways to meet your fitness goals with Endless Pools

“New Year, new me.” That’s something we all say at the beginning of January, right? But as it nears the end of the month, many of us have already started to give up our New Year’s resolutions. Don’t let this year be just like every other year. Try these 4 ways to meet your fitness goals with Endless Pools ®.

Burn calories with low-impact exercises.

If you have winter joint pain, or just any chronic pain, it can be really hard to motivate yourself to exercise and really easy to make excuses. However, Healthline reports that low-impact exercise is a beneficial treatment for joint pain and chronic pain.

Swimming and water aerobics are both great low-impact exercise options that can be done in an Endless Pools swim spa. The water makes your body weight lighter while also providing resistance — the perfect combination for a low-impact exercise that will also help you burn more calories. Endless Pools swim spas are unique because they are long enough to swim laps, but also small enough to feel like a hot tub. So, once you’re done with your exercise, you can go right to relaxing those muscles and joints!

Take your bike to the water.

It’s not super chilly during winter in Texas, but the wind chill while biking may be a little too much – and a good excuse to not get out there. Good news: Endless Pools takes that excuse away! With an Aqua Bike, you can take your biking into the water. Set your water temperature just where you want it to stay warm in the water and still get that exercise in. 

Make your morning jog more exciting.

Tired of the same old jogging routine or just trying to get a little more walking in? Switch things up with an underwater treadmill. For the seasoned runner, the water resistance from the underwater treadmill provides an exciting new challenge and a way to burn more calories. For the rest of us, it’s a fun new way to exercise (plus, there’s less distance between you and relaxation after)!

Build muscle through rowing.

If cardio and aerobics isn’t your thing, you can also do strength training in the water. The Endless Pools Rowing Kit attaches to your swim spa and easily detaches when you’re done using it. Like the other exercises, rowing in the water provides extra resistance that will help you burn more calories. With this exercise, though, you’ll also build more muscle!

Start working on your fitness goals today.

Don’t let your New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. Make 2021 your year with these 4 ways to meet your fitness goals with Endless Pools. Whether your fitness goals are just to keep your body moving, to lose weight, or to build muscle, Endless Pools can help you meet them. Resistance from the water and the swim jets helps you burn more calories while doing your normal workouts. Plus, with the duality of a swim spa, you’re just seconds away from relaxation after you exercise. It’s a win-win-win!

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