4 Things to Consider Before You Design a Custom-Cut Sauna

a custom-cut sauna in a bathroom. Location is one of 4 things to consider before you design a custom-cut sauna.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to buy a sauna. The great thing about buying a Finnleo® custom-cut sauna is that you practically get to design it yourself. But, you need a starting point. Try starting with these 4 things to consider before you design a custom-cut sauna.

Where Will You Put Your Sauna?

The most obvious thing to consider before you design a custom-cut sauna is where you are going to put it. The great thing about custom-cut saunas is that you have a lot more flexibility than a one-size-fits-all sauna from a big box store. Do you have an awkward closet underneath the stairs? Put a sauna in it! What about an oddly-shaped corner that you can’t fit any furniture in? We can work with that as well.

Do You Want a Traditional or Infrared Sauna?

Traditional saunas have been used in Finland for centuries as a family activity. These are the saunas you think about that are more of a steam room. They also use water and are sometimes referred to as “wet/dry” saunas. On the other hand, infrared saunas are more popular in America and probably what you’re more familiar with. These saunas don’t get quite as hot, but they’re still just as great and provide the same benefits. 

What Shape Do You Want?

That’s right, you can also customize the shape of your custom-cut sauna. If you want the sauna in a closet or a section of your bathroom, that decision is pretty easy. But what if you want it in a corner? Do you want a typical rectangular sauna that just hugs one corner of the wall? Or what if you built it so the back of the sauna is actually in the corner, kind of like a triangle? You would be able to take advantage of a lot more real estate that way, but it’s up to you and the size of the sauna you want. Speaking of which…

What Size Sauna Do You Want?

Again, if you’re looking to place a custom-cut sauna in a closet or bathroom, size isn’t really an issue because that’s determined for you. But, if you have some more space, you get to make that decision! There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing your sauna’s size: how many people will be using the sauna and how much space you want it to take up. If it will only be you and maybe one other person, you can get away with a much smaller sauna than if you are going to have a group of friends over. Even though one size may seem more ideal at the beginning, truly think this through so you’re not disappointed later.

What Dealer Will You Choose?

Now that you have looked over these 4 things to consider before you design a custom-cut sauna, you need to choose where you’ll buy it. If you’re looking for saunas in DFW, stop by one of Texas Hot Tub Company’s four showrooms. Our team will be happy to show you some of our sauna options and help you design your perfect custom-cut sauna.


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