4 Ice Breaker Party Games to Play at Your Next Get-Together

4 Ice Breaker Party Games to Play at Your Next Get Together

Between busy work schedules, taking care of pets and children, and recouping from the holidays, it can be challenging to unwind your thoughts and relax around family and friends. But with these unbelievably fun ice breaker party games to play at your next get-together, you’ll have a blast getting to know everyone better.

Hot Tub Bottle Pass

For the first game, you will need a bottle filled with water and topped with a lid. The game’s object is to pass the bottle around the hot tub without dropping it. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The trick to this game is that you can’t use your hands; instead, you must pass the bottle using different parts of your body. You can’t exchange the bottle using the same body part as your partner. For example, if the water bottle is passed to you using elbows, you must accept it and pass it on using another body part besides elbows. The game continues until the losing player drops the bottle. 

Spa Submarine

All jets will need to be powered down for this nerve-racking game. You will need two large-sized plastic cups. Place one cup in the center of the hot tub. You may need to pour a small amount of water into the cup for stability. The other cup will be filled with water and passed to all players. Each player will have a turn pouring water into the cup that centers the tub for two seconds. After pouring in the water, the player must wait four additional seconds to ensure the cup does not sink. The player that sinks the cup loses the game. Your team can decide to continue the game until one winning player is left or restart the game once the first person sinks the cup. There is one rule — no splashing or making waves. 

Hot Tub Hockey

Two separate teams and a floating rubber duckie are necessary for this match. With each team standing on opposite sides, the duckie will be placed in the center of the tub. When signaled to begin, both teams will attempt to touch the opposing team’s side of the tub with the duck. No hands allowed. You may splash, blow, or create waves. The first team to reach three points wins. To engage in a more tense game, turn on your jets, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 

Outbreak Party Games

Ping pong balls are the main character in this intense game. Begin by placing five balls into the center of the hot tub and then turn on the jets. But be careful! Not a single one of the ping pong balls can come in contact with you. Dodge, move and splash, but keep those feet planted firmly where you are standing. If someone is touched by a ping pong ball, the player exits, and another ball is added into the water. The last player standing untouched wins. To make this game more complicated, turn on the jets when two players are remaining and enjoy watching your friends scramble for the win.

There is no better way to relax and have fun than in your hot tub at a family gathering. Stop by any of our five locations, and we will gladly assist you in hosting the best upcoming get-together that will be talked about for months to come. Your party games just might get all your family and friends together on a regular basis! And with Texas Hot Tub Company’s quality chemicals and accessories for your incredible hot tub, you’ll always have everything you need for the best time together.


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