Is Your Hot Tub Cloudy? Here’s How to Clear it!

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When you get home after a long day of work, you want to pull back the cover to your hot tub and find crystal clear water. You’ve been dreaming about it for hours and the time has finally come. You crank up the jets and let the massaging water lull you to relaxation. This is the way it can be every day. With only a few minutes of maintenance every week or so, you can ensure that you never find milky or cloudy spa water lurking under the cover.

If you’ve ever seen a hot tub with water that doesn’t look clear then you know how unsettling it is. It really isn’t safe for you or your family to be using. But if you just give your spa a little attention then you won’t have to deal with this dirty problem.

Change the Hot Tub Filter

Cloudy spa water is usually caused by small particles floating around that the filter couldn’t grab. It may be time to change it, so go ahead and get a new one. After it’s changed, you can shock the water to get rid of any lasting remnants. That should take care of it and clear your water in a day or two.

Check the pH Balance

If your water has too much chlorine or sanitizer, or if it has a lot of calcium, then it may appear to be milky. This just requires adding a couple of chemicals in order to fix it. Take a sample of your water and bring it to us. We’ll run an analysis and tell you what your water needs in order to balance out so that you can make it crystal clear.

A Dose of Prevention

There are a couple of things that you can do to prevent the water from getting cloudy in the first place. Have the water tested every month. Also, make sure that your guests properly rinse themselves of all foreign material before they get in. The less matter that they introduce the better. And, once you’re done, rinse out your swimsuit and hang it to dry. This will prevent any detergent from getting in and creating foam in your hot tub.

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