3 Trendy Alternatives to the Old Neighborhood Cookout

Neighborhood Cookout Alternatives in Dallas, TX

There’s nothing like living in the good ole’ U.S. of A. And there’s nothing that says America like a glorious, sizzling summer barbecue. Whether you are celebrating a patriotic holiday or are just getting together for your annual association meeting, there’s fun to be had at your next neighborhood get-together. But don’t think that this year’s annual cookout is going to cost you more time and money than it’s worth. Here are three trendy alternatives to the old neighborhood cookout that will leave you loving your neighbors this summer.

Mix It Up and Connect with People in Your Neighborhood

Maybe you live in a neighborhood where your kids regularly get together for playdates or ride their bikes together every evening after dinner. Or maybe you live in a neighborhood of professionals and retirees who aren’t at home as much as they would like to be. Either way, throwing a neighborhood party doesn’t have to be a huge undertraining. Keeping it simple can attract more neighbors, provide an opportunity for conversation and relaxation, and keep your community close. Here are three ways to mix it up and connect with your neighbors this summer.

Neighborhood Pool Party

If you own a swimming pool, or your neighborhood has a community pool, a fun summer pool party is an easy way to connect. In your party invitation to the neighbors, request that they bring their own folding chairs, and anything needed for their personal family such as towels, swimming gear, and pool floaties and toys. Grab a few coolers filled with ice and stock them with water bottles, sodas, beverages, and pre-packaged ice cream sandwiches or popsicles. Everyone can brave the summer heat and enjoy a cool treat for a few hours of splashing summer fun.

Homemade Ice Cream Contest

Sweeten your neighborhood relationships with an old-fashioned homemade ice cream contest. You only need a handful of volunteers for making the ice cream, and a bunch of people who love to eat it. Using the old hand-crank ice cream makers or the new shaker/kickball ice cream makers can be a fun experience for the kids. Or just plug in an electronic ice cream maker and let the machine do the work all by itself. Try your hand at peach pie ice cream, cheesecake ice cream, blueberry, chocolate, or your own fun custom creation. Then have all the neighbors drop their vote for the best ice cream submission. The winner can proudly retain the title until your annual contest next year!

Street Party

Is your neighborhood too big for all-inclusive summer fun? A street party can be an excellent alternative and help you get to know your immediate neighbors. As an alternative, host an all-street cookout. Pair up with a neighbor to smoke some pulled pork and ask everyone on your street to bring a side or dessert. Park yourselves and your company right in your driveway and front yard. You’ll have a full-blown cookout and all the enjoyment that comes with it. While “many hands make light work,” it’s especially true when all your favorite neighbors pitch in.

It’s still possible to live in an America where you can be a great neighbor. Make connections this summer with everything you need from Coleman Bright Ideas for your Home. With swimming pools, Endless Pools® swim spas, and Hot Spring® spas with CoolZone™ technology, we’ll have everything to make your this summer, and all your neighborhood get-togethers, some of the best memories of your life.


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