3 Things To Consider During a Test Soak in a Jacuzzi Hot Tub

jacuzzi hot tub

We all have test-driven that new vehicle, tried on a new pair of eyeglasses, and even that dainty necklace that caught our eye at the mall. But did you know that you can test soak in a Jacuzzi Hot Tub? 

At Texas Hot Tub Company we make it a convenient, comfortable, private experience to soak in one of our Jacuzzi hot tubs. Let’s touch base on three things to take into consideration during your soak. 

Will All the Hot Tub Accessories Remain?

The first thing to consider during your test soak is if any of the accessories that you might notice are offered with your purchase.

Hot tub covers are often used to prevent debris from entering the tub and to help maintain cleanliness. Covers can also be used to prevent young children or pets from entering while unsupervised.

While getting into the tub it is necessary to use steps to ensure safety. Steps are also helpful for stability if you suffer from chronic pain.

During your soak, you might notice the pillow that was supporting your back or head also while providing comfort. Pillows help ensure you can relax to your max potential, especially after a long day of work. It is very important to ask one of our knowledgeable team members if any of these accessories we mentioned or others that might interest you will be included with your purchase. 

One Size Does Not Fit All

You may have heard the phrase or seen the tag on a piece of clothing that said: “one size fits all.” The second thing to consider and understand during your test soak is that the commonly known phrase is not the case when purchasing a Jacuzzi hot tub.

Jacuzzi hot tubs range in size depending on your needs. Whether you are a family size of 2 or 5, making sure you purchase the tub that will best suit your family size is very important to ensure max enjoyment. We offer a variety of tubs ranging from the J-210® which seats up to 3 users to the J-425® which seats up to five. It is a good idea to discuss which tub best suits your family before scheduling your test soak to guarantee you can test in the tub that best fits your needs. 

Do You Suffer from Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is a condition in which you have long-term pain. That could be but is not limited to an old injury that happened in your younger years or a condition that many of us suffer from, like arthritis. The last thing to consider during your test soak is if the jet placement and strength will help relieve your specific pain.

The J-315® has a jetted massage pillow that helps target head and neck pain. The J-225® has positioned jets that help target and relieve back pain. It is ideal to make sure you get to test soak in the hot tub that best helps relieve your targeted pain.

Let’s Get Scheduled Today!

Now that we have discussed 3 important things to consider during your test soak, reach out to us today at Texas Hot Tub Company to schedule your test soak and see which Jacuzzi hot tub is right for you and your family. We have the top-of-the-line hot tub experts waiting to assist you at our Lewisville location


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