3 of the Best Exercises to do in a Swim Spa

Swim Spas by Endless Pools are rapidly becoming the ultimate training machine. Why? Because water workouts increase a dominant element to any exercise plan. Here are 3 of the best exercises in a swim spa.

1. Water Kickboard

An excellent cardio routine for the pool is strengthening your legs while increasing endurance. For a sufficient current to swim against, turn your jets on to a moderate speed. With your kickboard in hand, extend your arms fully and begin paddling against the current. Try to maintain a consistent rhythm during the entire session. Start slow and build up to 5 minutes for beginners and 10 minutes for more advanced. If you need a more intense workout, increase the jet speed to strengthen the current and your workout session.

2.  Water Cycling

Aquatic cycling is ideal for the cyclist without all the stress on your muscles and joints. When placing a stationary bike in the middle of your swim spa, make sure the bike is firmly seated at the base of the pool. For more stability, you may need to attach some ankle or wrist weights. Once you’re all set, climb up onto the seat and start pedaling. Try to sit up with your back straight and head entirely above the water. Start with 10-minute sessions or longer until feeling fatigued to build up endurance. By standing up, you can increase difficulty.

3.  Water Dumbbell Extensions

You’ll need two dumbbell water weights, set your jets for resistance, and go to the deepest end of the spa. As you walk toward the shallow end, lift each dumbbell up until eye level, then extend one weight with one arm. Begin lowering one arm while extending the other arm. Alternate arms and continue to walk against the current for 10 reps.

We’d love to hear about your best swim spa exercises, so drop us a line.


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