3 Garden Ideas for Landscaping Around Your HotSpring® Hot Tub

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Flowers symbolize joy and pleasure and are a great addition to your HotSpring® Hot Tub. While relaxing in your tub, the visual appearance of flowers and plants can add a boost of serotonin. Flowers and plants can also help add privacy and create a beautiful wellness landscape in your backyard. Let’s discuss three plant ideas to consider when planning your garden around your Hot Spring Hot Tub 

1. Romanticize Your HotSpring Hot Tub with a Japanese Maple

If your hot tub is used as a hotspot to create memories and spend quality time with your partner, creating a romantic landscape adds the perfect touch.

Here in Texas, Japanese maples grow and thrive with shade and water. Japanese maples grow slowly, so this tree will not overcrowd your space and requires little maintenance. Although minimum maintenance, Japanese Maples thrive in the shade and should be planted in shaded areas around your tub. The colors of its leaves are beautiful and change with the seasons.

It is a perfect touch of romance, all while adding privacy as the tree grows. 

2. Relax and Unwind with Lilacs Around Your HotSpring Spa

Lilacs are known for their strong fragrance. To some, the scent is described as a mixture of lavender and berries. The scent will vary depending on which exact lilac. With a similar smell to lavender, lilacs are a great addition to your landscape around your HotSpring hot tub as their scent can increase relaxation.

Lilacs range in color from purple to pink and can even be white. In reference to color therapy, the color purple represents peace and relaxation. Its beautiful colors create a landscape that brings peace, joy, and relaxation.

Spring or fall is the best time to plant lilacs. Lilacs are low maintenance and require water but not too often, as the roots should never be saturated. They grow best in humus-rich soil.

Lilacs can be used for privacy. On average, they can grow up to 8 feet on the smaller end and 30 feet on the larger end. Lilacs can increase relaxation and provide privacy when included in your wellness landscape.

3. Obtain Knowledge on Garden Texture Around Your Hot Tub

Often when we hear the word texture, it immediately makes us think of the feeling of an object. With Garden Texture, that isn’t the case. Garden texture refers to the visualization of plants. Around your hot tub, it is essential to incorporate garden texture.

There are two types of garden textures: bold and soft. Bold textured plants immediately draw attention, like the 15 feet Japanese Maple, or plants with fantastic foliage like a Hosta. Soft-textured plants are those that have less visual attention. Forget-me-nots are perfect soft textured plants as their foliage and flowers are small. Although a small plant, you cannot forget them, as soft textured plants are vital in a textured garden. For a great combination and an overall grand appearance, a textured garden is an excellent option for your garden around your hot tub. 

Creating the perfect landscape around your HotSpring Hot Tub is essential in making your personalized backyard wellness resort. Here at Texas Hot Tub Company, we are an award-winning company for customer satisfaction. Stop by to learn more about HotSpring hot tubs, and let us show you how we strive in the wellness industry and customer service. We can’t wait to serve your wellness needs!


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