Patio furniture that’s built to last

Patio furniture that’s built to last

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You know you’ve been there. You’ve purchased a set of outdoor furniture for your patio or deck, and you’ve loved the way it looks…At first.

But it doesn’t take much exposure to our Texas weather before the true quality of that furniture starts to show. The fabrics fade or mildew – or both. The metal rusts, the paint flakes, the wood cracks, the wicker deteriorates. Or a storm blows through and that lightweight furniture – well, it just blows away.

All of a sudden that outdoor furniture that seemed like such a great deal … isn’t.

It’s time to invest in a quality set of outdoor furniture. One that’s built to last. At Texas Hot Tub Company, we’re proud to offer the Texas Casual line of quality wooden outdoor patio furniture. Texas Casual has been building furniture since 1996, and their commitment to workmanship shows in every piece they produce.

You’ve probably seen cheap wooden outdoor furniture that, after just a season or two, is faded, cracked and worn. Texas Casual furniture is made from clear grade, pressure-treated southern yellow pine, protected by a carbon-based, non-metallic preservative and factory-injected with water repellent. In other words, this furniture can handle just about anything you, or Texas, can throw at it.

What are you looking for in outdoor furniture? A garden swing? Texas Casual has those. A set of Adirondack chairs for the dock, or to circle around the fire pit? Texas Casual has those, too. How about a dining set, a picnic table, or a conversation set for the deck? We have you covered.

If you’re ready to stop replacing inexpensive outdoor furniture season after season, and instead invest in a quality, Texas-built set that’s hand-crafted and made to last, stop by our showroom today. We’d love to introduce you to the Texas Casual line.

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