Memorial Day grilling on the Grill Dome

Memorial Day grilling on the Grill Dome

THTC Kamado Grill

Here in Texas the weather warms up faster than in many other areas of the country. But Memorial Day weekend is still the official start of summer – and grilling is a great way to celebrate!

Sure, you can break out your regular old gas or charcoal grill from the discount store. But if you really want to step up your grilling game, check out the Grill Dome Kamado style grill. Thanks to the design and the superior temperature control it allows, you can smoke, bake, grill and sear all on the Grill Dome.

The ceramic design is rust-free, and the round Kamado style means there aren’t any typical grill hot spots to worry about. Plus, the Grill Dome is available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs – even a portable size for those camping trips and tailgates.

Ready to plan that Memorial Day cookout? Try one of these recipes on your Grill Dome and you won’t be disappointed!


Properly cooked brisket is a Texas BBQ staple. This recipe calls for a 4-½ lb. brisket flat, and a mix of wood chips to get that good, flavorful smoke. Follow the rub and sauce recipe, or use your favorites.

Gowan’s Pulled Pork

If pork is more your taste, try this recipe for pulled pork. A 7-8 lb bone-in butt roast like the one called for here will need to cook for about 14 hours, but the wait will be worth it!

Apple Smoked Chicken

Your Grill Dome can produce moist, flavorful chicken, and this recipe is a perfect example. The secret? Replace the can of beer in traditional “beer can chicken” with a can of apple juice.

President Dad’s Burgers

A tasty, juicy burger is a Memorial Day tradition. This recipes makes eight flavorful burgers in just 5 minutes per side.


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