Kick Those Backyard Parties up a Notch

Kick Those Backyard Parties up a Notch

Your friends and family love to come over to enjoy your hot tub, and you love to be host(ess). But you may have noticed that your backyard is lacking in the “entertainment hub” feel you’d really like to offer. You want to provide top-notch parties and entertainment for your guests, and we’re ready to help you make that happen!

Ditch the Box Store Grill

Sure, those easy-to-use gas grills available at any big box store meet basic grilling needs, but if you’re looking to provide your guests with stellar food options at your backyard gatherings, then you need a grill that’s going to give you versatility and amazing flavor. You need a Grill Dome Kamado!

With a Grill Dome, you can vary your heat between 200º F and 750º F so that you’re able to cook anything and do so on-point. Unlike box store grills that only give you one grilling option and very little variety in heat, you can smoke, barbecue, sear, bake, roast, and more with a Grill Dome. Even if steaks are all you do, you’ll be able to cook them to perfection when you switch to the Dome!

No More Plastic Furniture

You not only want quality but beauty and comfort with your outdoor furniture. Those plastic lawn chairs pale in comparison to the Texas Casual outdoor furniture we offer. We stand behind the best quality wooden outdoor furniture in northern Texas, with a history of success dating back to 1996.

All Texas Casual furniture is made from Clear grade pressure-treated southern yellow pine. It’s Genuine Wolmanized L3 Outdoor Wood, protected by a carbon-based, non-metallic preservative and includes factory-injected water repellent.

If you’re looking to provide the ultimate entertainment hub in your backyard, Texas Hot Tub Company has what you need. And if you’re still looking for a hot tub too, we’ll gladly help you find your perfect match for needs and budget.

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